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Medicaid - Healthcare for Low-Income Families

Health Care Coverage: Low-income Families

A family with a parent or relative caring for a child under age 19 may receive health care coverage through Medicaid if certain income and resource requirements are met. HHSC looks at a family’s income and compares it with the amount the family pays for basic needs such as rent, utilities, child care and work-related expenses. Resources such as cash on hand, money in the bank and value of vehicles are also considered.


Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in Texas and Children's Medicaid assist low-income families with children allowing prioritized access to subsidized or free healthcare for them.  Information on access steps and steps to determine if you qualify, as well as, the on-line application can be accessed at CHIP

CHIP and Children’s Medicaid both offer many benefits:

Benefits & Subsidies

There are many public benefits and subsidies available locally that you may be eligible to receive, many of which can be accessed in the links of this site.  

Additionally, many benefits services and resources can be accessed through the Benefits Site of State of Texas at, which is the official eGovernment web site for the State of Texas serving as the primary resource for Texas web-based services. 

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