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Release Preparation & Reentry

We know there are many needs and challenges to returning to the community after a period of incarceration, no matter how much time it involves.  Many needs develop while you are out of the community for you and your family, and many things change that you need to know to be successful in your reintegration back into the community you left behind.

The resources, information and contacts in the links below, and in the other associated webpages on this site, are intended to help you access information and assistance that will help you to succeed.  As always, communicate with your officer frequently to provide him/her the latest information on your status, changes, needs, and concerns so they can help you succeed.  This officer assistance and communication is our top priority in order to protect the public, satisfy the Court, and help you succeed.

General Helpful Information and Links

County by Location – U.S.

Texas State/Local Governments-Agencies Portal (includes all county and local government websites)