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Unemployment Resources and Benefits

We hope, and work together with you and other service groups, so that you do not have to face unemployment which affects your ability to support yourself, family, pay bills, and repay victims and Court fines and fees.  If you do face unemployment, please first refer to our website under Job Preparation and Search for the ideas and tools needed to quickly get back into the workforce.   If there becomes a gap in you employment affecting your ability to support yourself and your family, then consider the information below on unemployment benefits in Texas.


Many local churches and charities make themselves available in limited capacities to provide clothing assistance to individuals and families.  They are usually based on priority (cold weather clothing, basics like undergarments, children's clothing, job interview attire, etc.), as well as, verifiable need which includes income, family size and/or possible help from family or other local resources.

Also access the resource database for possible clothing assistance organizations in your area.


Children's healthy development depends on safe and positive experiences when they are young. There are several child care and assistance options available to families:

Client Employment

We believe gainful employment is an important part of your supervision success.  Not only is it required by the Court, it will also it help you to achieve your goals, and help you support your family and avoid situations that might lead to new criminal activities.  To that end, the Probation Office will make every effort to assist you in finding and keeping meaningful employment by way of direct services, referral to community programs, and in some cases, direct job leads.  Our focus is to help you employment that fits your interest and skills, provides a liveable wage for


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