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Restricted Computer and Electronic Device Access

You will be limited on your access and manner of access to certain electronic devices and internet use.  If your conditions include these types of activity restrictions, the following documents will be reviewed with you by your officer, and are to be completed by you at their direction in order to comply with Court's order and Probation Office oversight.

Monitoring Software Installation Instructions

1) Complete diagnostic tests by following "Machine Set Up" instructions on

2) Await response from monitoring company and/or probation officer

3) If directed, complete self-installation of monitoring software instructions (Option #3) on


All email must be accessed via approved protocols (POP3/IMAP/SMTP) and approved email clients (i.e. Windows Mail, Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora). Accessing email via web browsers (web-mail) is not authorized, except for Select email users. You may maintain a web-mail account (i.e. Yahoo!) Only if it is accessed via an approved email client. (DO NOT enable SSL). This may require an upgrade to an existing account. Please notify your supervising officer if you plan to change or create a new email account.

Monitoring Software Payments

All payments must reflect your five-digit case number. If you are unsure of your case number, please contact your probation officer. Paypal is no longer accepted for new cases. All online payment must be made via the PCM Store ( For payment support, contact and include your case number and reporting agency.

Tech Support

Please do not contact your probation officer for technical support. Click here at  to schedule a remote Live Assist session. You may also call 855-855-6278 and leave a message with your five-digit case number, a time convenient for your call to be returned, and the problem you are experiencing.