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Helping them prepare for release

Our hope is that you will use all the information, and many contacts and links on this site to help them overcome barriers, gain employment, get access to any needed intervention and treatment, and achieve the support and insight needed to not only survive, but to succeed.  In addition, listed below are excellent resources for families to understand this reintegration process better, gain family support, and help your loved one gain access to assistance.  Please access the information and links below as needed to help you handle this situation better, and get the support you and they need.

General Reentry Resources within this website

Residential Reentry Centers - RRC (halfway houses)

Residential Reentry Centers -RRCs are operated under Bureau of Prisons contracts and more commonly known as halfway houses (this USBOP site addresses operations, locations, FAQs, etc.).  The RRCs are designed to provide the returning inmate a smoother, more gradual transition back into the community by allowing them to live closer to their eventual release address to search for employment, receive training, work once a job is found, establish a residence, reconnect with family, access and establish services through local community resources, and build a relationship with the U.S. Probation Office.

 Children of Prisoners

U.S. Dept. HHS/Administration for Children and Families (Region 6)

U.S. Dept. of Education – Child Welfare Information Gateway

Parental Relationships

Parental Rights - returning prisoners (Reentry Policy Council)