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Social Security Card

Unfortunately, many ex-offenders lose track of their Social Security Cards before and during incarceration, or may have not received one since youth.  This identification card is vital to have access to employment and many benefits and resources.  Even if you are still in custody, please act now to start the process of getting your Social Security card replaced.

You can also fill out and print an application for a Social Security Card, Form SS-5

Note:   You need Adobe Reader software to view this application. If you do not have it, you can download it here for free.

Learn what documents you need

You must present certain documents when you apply for a Social Security card. To get a list of documents, go to Documents You Need For A Social Security Card.

Where to Take or Mail the Application and Documents

Take (or mail) your completed application and necessary documents to your local Social Security office. If you live or receive mail in Bronx, N.Y.; Brooklyn, N.Y.; Queens, N.Y.; Orlando, Fla. (Orange, Osceola and Seminole Counties); Sacramento County, Calif.; Phoenix, Ariz. (Maricopa County and Apache Junction Area); Las Vegas, Nev.; Philadelphia, Pa.; or Greater Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, Minn., you must apply in person or by mail to a Social Security Card Center.