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Employment Help

We believe gainful employment is an important part of your supervision success.  Not only is it required by the Court, it will also it help you to achieve your goals, and help you support your family and avoid situations that might lead to new criminal activities.  To that end, the Probation Office will make every effort to assist you in finding and keeping meaningful employment by way of direct services, referral to community programs, and in some cases, direct job leads.  Our focus is to help you secure employment that fits your interest and skills, provides a livable wage for you and your family, and hopefully includes benefits and opportunities for advancement.  The goals of our Workforce Program are clear and straight-forward:

  • Reduced recidivism - defined as a reduction in new arrests and violation of conditions of supervision
  • Increased employment opportunities, earnings, and levels of skill and education for our clients
  • Improved quality of life and financial resources to pay financial obligations, repay victims, pay Court fees, and support families

With that in mind, please use this website and all the resources provided by your officer and our office to locate and maintain gainful employment.  One very good web portal that is a good clearinghouse of resources and information for the unemployed job seeker is maintained by the U.S. Department of Labor.