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Job Preparation and Search

Effective job preparation and job search strategies include determining your employability, assessing your skills and interests, finding local jobs in demand, handling applications and preparing a solid resume, improving your interview skills and selling yourself as a job candidate, identifying and honing your soft skills (team player, polished presentation, work ethic, attitude, communication, etc.), and developing the best job search strategies that will quickly lead to employment.  The information and weblinks below are provided for these purposes.

AGENCIES, PROGRAMS, AND GLOBAL RESOURCES that assist with job preparation and search:  Also, you can also create an account at  and use the “Saved Searches” feature to receive emails daily, weekly or monthly on jobs that meet your search criteria? Search criteria includes Location, Occupational Series and Salary.

Texas Veterans Leadership Jobs Portal (TWC)

State Texas Workforce Commission Service Sites by Zip & Listing or Alphabetical List (by Town/City) of all Workforce Centers in Texas

Career and Job Seeker Assistance and Guidance for Ex-Offenders (JVS Chicago)



1.  Global Resources

Career Info Net (Job Search/Preparation Strategies)

2.  Determine Your Skills, Interests, and Strengths and (American Job Center Network)

3.  Develop Your Soft Skills (communication, work ethics, positive attitude, etc.)

Seven signs you have terrible people skills (

4.  Overcome Employment Barriers

Identify and Deal with Employment Barriers

Get better job references even when you have a difficult background (

Be aware of recent rules and guidance that protect you from job applicant discrimination based on your criminal record from the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (April 2012).

5.  Improve Interviewing Skills and Strategies

Be more effective in dealing with questions about a difficult background

Tips for More Effective Job Interviews at Ex Offender

Also, here's another great set of web sources for ex-offender job interviewing and job readiness through the Kansas Department of Corrections (includes a great document on handling the "felony" question).

6.  Improve Your Job Search Success

Search Tips and Info (Career

Focused Job Seeking (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Quarterly, Spring 2011) is an excellent 10 page manual on executing a more effective job search strategy and process.

Texas Workforce Commission - Job Search Portal (statewide)

Career Resources in Texas

JOB SEARCH ENGINES AND PORTALS  (Comprehensive and by Categories)

Jobview 2nd Chance (Texas) (IT and Technology)

LinkedIN Jobs

7.  Applications and creating Winning Resumes

The resume guide is also one of the premiere one-stop webportals for discovering and building a winning resume. (free resume help)

Applications and resumes tips and tools from the Kansas Department of Corrections.

Use this blank application here as a tool to gather and have ready all the important background information needed to fill out a paper or online application.  Examples include education, prior jobs, previous training, prior experiences, references, etc.